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Welcome to Arizona FCA

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Willow Canyon Fields of Faith

Thank you, Jesus for a great night of worship and fellowship with people from all over the valley. It’s been an amazing night!

#fieldsoffaith 🙌


AZ FCA Endurance Events

Our Phoenix /Arizona based FCA Endurance group has lots going on.

We have a training retreat in July; are actively involved in volunteering and racing at the AZ Ironman Triathlon, 140.6 and 70.3, in the fall and group workouts and fun gatherings throughout the year.

Check out our FCA Endurance Phoenix Huddle web site and FaceBook page.

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Our Game Plan

FCA Motocross Camp should be available to every racer. Camp will disciple racers, recruit leaders and model FCA ministry. Camp has been a key influence in the development of FCA Motocross. We will add camp opportunities, partner with motocross coaches and perfect a camp and clinic model for influence in the Motocross Community.

FCA Motocross Race Teams will be recruited in every race community. A team of Christian racers willing to ride with FCA Motocross bike graphics, live a life of witness for Christ and commit to a racing schedule. Race Team members will serve together trackside and in the community. The Motocross Race Team is the Church on mission to the Motocross Community.

FCA Motocross Trackside Ministry established at every motocross track. FCA will recruit and equip volunteers to lead chapel services, prayer ministries, and service to racers and track owners. We support the Christian ministries already present in motocross and we offer our banner as a holy symbol of fellowship, service and witness for Christ and His Church.

Let the competition begin, let the Glory be God’s.


Our team coaches are our volunteer leaders in a certain state heading up trackside ministry on behalf of FCA MX.  Please contact them if you are interesting in getting more involved or just want to ask questions.

ARIZONA:  Travis LaChance / 602-677-5858  / / Phoenix AZ 85083/ FB Page 



FCA Arizona has been a recepient of Fiesta Bowl Charities generosity through their grant process for over 40 years. Thank you for the work you are doing in our communities!


Thank you to all the coaches, players, families, referees, and volunteers who came to our 7 on 7 FCA Tournament.  We hope you had a great time of competition and learned more about Arizona Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  We are here to serve athletes and coaches in the community.  

Special thanks to Fiesta Bowl Charities for the generous grant to provide financial support for the event and Christ Church of the Valley for the great field facilities.  You helped Arizona FCA put the heart and soul in sports. 

If you would like an FCA Representative to come out and share with your coaches and athletes, feel free to contact us.

Arizona FCA Area Directors:

Jason Ford, East Valley Director

Matt Palmer, West Valley Director

"FCA Vision:  To see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes."

7 on 7 Passing Tournament 2019

FCA GCU Softball Team mission trip

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Everyone meet my good friends Angel and Cierra. These two have been such amazing friends of mine for years. The love I have for them is crazy! Also, they’re literally one of the best young married couple that I know! This past Saturday at our annual “Back to School Event” at Marc Atkinson Rec Center they had the amazing opportunity to financially give and serve alongside FCA. Their job at the event was to greet the community inside of the center, help the kids pick out their backpacks and shoes. Not only did they do just that, but they also went above and beyond by connecting with the families and kids. These two pictures of them helping this young boy pick out a brand new pair of shoes brings joy to our hearts! This specific boy tried the shoes on and when he realized that they fit him he was anxious to keep them on. His previous shoes were ripping, dirty and in need of new ones. He hurried outside and I followed him. I asked if he liked them and he said yes with a big smile on his face. He then rushed to take them off and put them in his brand new backpack that was filled with school supplies. The young boy put on his old shoes, zipped up his backpack and gripped his backpack in his arms to make sure he didn’t lose his stuff and walked away. My heart ached for him. I knew right at that moment that he probably had never received a brand new pair of shoes or school supplies in his life by his reaction. This here is an example of loving and serving others well. The ultimate credit goes to God and I’m grateful for you both because of your love for others. By that small but big act of service that you did impacted his and many more kids that day. Thank you for showing others the love of Jesus! Love y’all!

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